When Thomas Met Gayle: “Philadelphia Love”

On a date night to the movies, Thomas, 64, and Gayle, 63, reminisced how the two lovebirds met more than forty years ago.

It was 1975 in their hometown of Philadelphia, Pa., the City of Brotherly Love, fresh out of college on their first job, Gayle explained.

“It was orientation [in an auditorium] and I’m sitting there with this other young woman I met and he comes up and sits behind us. He starts talking and I can tell he doesn’t know who he wants to talk to, but he’s talking: he’s talking to see who looks up,” Gayle said. “I guess I did.”

“It was a toss up,” Thomas says laughing with his wife. “And she won.” They dated for about seven months. “We met in September and we were engaged in March, and married in August.”

How long into dating Thomas did she know he was the one?

Thomas interrupted with his answer.

“Well, I knew she was the one,” he said.

When, did he know?

“In the auditorium,” he said.

“That’s safe isn’t it,” Gayle smiled.

Did Thomas take Gayle by surprise when he proposed? “No, it wasn’t a surprise,” she said.

Even though they both grew up in Philadelphia, they didn’t know the same people or share the same friends.

“It’s kind of like we had the same upbringing but I lived in Germantown and he lived in West Philly, and we just never met.” They lived in two similar neighborhoods on opposite sides of the city. “We both graduated from big public high schools.” And they both have a single sibling: each has one brother. They both grew up in a married, two-parent household. Gayle and Thomas had two sons of their own. “And one grandson, you want to see him?!” Gayle asked excitedly, showing pictures of the 10-day-old infant. “He’s our first.”

Thomas flips to a picture of himself holding his new grandson. So Thomas, what kind of love is that?

“Indescribable,” he answered. “It’s like stupid-love,” Gayle said. “It is—it’s too much,” Thomas added.

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