“The Long and Short of It”

During a recent flight from their home in Germany with a layover in Iceland, Micah and Felicitas tenderly held each other’s hand: so caring, so considerate, so obviously in love—unaware anyone was watching . It looked a little like puppy love, until a quick glance at their right hands revealed a simple yet elegant wedding band on each.

The German couple have known each other for seven years, engaged for three, and married for two.

“We met in Germany at the university,” Felicitas explained.

After college, the two began work at the same software company. “We took a trip to Iceland one week, and found a very special place in the hot spring [hot springs are native to Iceland]. Then he asked me to marry him.”

Did she know he would ask her to marry him. “Yea, but he wanted to propose in Iceland because Iceland is a magical place.” Where in Iceland did her husband propose?

“It’s a hidden secret. If we tell, everyone will know,” she smiled.

It appears they really are in love: to live AND work together—she in marketing, Micah in IT. They could be seen as Yin and Yang, the creative and the analytic.

“Really, he’s more creative,” explained Felicitas. “She’s more linear,” he said. “He’s very calm but I’m not because I’m speaking all day.

“We are very opposite of each other,” said Felicitas, who stands a full, two feet shorter than her husband. “Like fire and ice,” he said.




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