Love & Football

When this pastor’s wife saw her future husband, one of the most popular players on the high school football team, she knew she had to try something different to get his attention.

“She tackled me,” Tim, 44, laughed.

A game of flag football in gym class became a game of tackle with his pretty and petite classmate, Tonya, his arch enemy in English class.

“She got me kicked out of class.”

They argued and fussed the remainder of the school year.

“We both have strong personalities,” explained Tonya, 43. “She was my enemy and pursued ME,” he said.

Tim asked her out for their first date that summer and they become a couple. In the fall when they returned to high school to begin their junior year, their classmates were shocked.

“We would have lunch together,” Tonya said. And he waited for her at her locker? “No, that’s what SHE was doing,” said Tim.

Inseparable, they were voted class couple their senior year, and continued to date through college.

When did he know he was going to marry her?

“My last year of college,” Tim said.

“Ask me when I knew,” Tonya said.

“When I saw him I said, I’m going to marry him.”

When she was in the 10th grade? “Yes,” she said with a smile.

Married for 21 years with two daughters in college, ages 20 and 19, as well as a son, 9, the couple returned from a spontaneous marriage retreat Tim planned for only him and his wife. It all started with two donuts.

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