“In Sickness and Health”

As Army Reservists back in 1995, Holly had a rule. “I wouldn’t date guys I worked with.”

So when she met fellow reservist Roger in Austin, Texas, a date was out of the question. Three years later, their unit planned to return to Austin for a reunion, and so did Holly and Roger—except they were the only two that showed.

“He lucked out,” Holly, 43, said.

Later that day, the two joined his family for a barbecue.

“The next day I knew I was going to marry him,” she explained.

“Surely this couldn’t last,” Roger, 42, said. “Maybe two months.” But it did.

Married for nearly 14 years, the two have gone through more than most couples: three bouts with a malignant brain tumor, paralysis, rehabilitation, neurosurgeons, a clinical trial, radiation, fertility preservation, artificial insemination, a problematic pregnancy and premature birth.

Holly said it all became too overwhelming after their daughter Abi was born.

“I had a baby and a disabled husband,” she said.

Roger said he appreciates his wife.

“She’s been a freakin’ rock,” he said. “There are times that I’ve taken that for granted.”

All those stressors put a strain on their marriage; they attended counseling. Somehow the trials made their marriage stronger, she said.

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“It’s changed me, it’s changed Roger,” Holly explained.

Sandwiched among the trials—prayers, love, supportive family, church and friends, a new home, picnics, backyard barbecues, trips to local fairs, watching their daughter grow—and plenty of pictures to document it all. This couple lives every day of their lives in faith and gratitude.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Roger’s birthday, the two celebrated the day with friends and wine-tasting: the last for Roger until his surgeon gives him the post-operative greenlight.

A day of brain-mapping followed and then, his latest surgery.

Let me know if you want to hear more about Holly and Roger, their marriage, faith in God, and raising an independent daughter.



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  1. This is pretty amazing!!! Holly and Roger are a very strong couple and individuals. I’m rooting for them and would very much love to hear a follow up on their story.

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