I am a titi.

I am a titi: in Spanish, that means ‘aunt’.

I am aunt to three, creative children—a gorgeous girl and two brilliant boys who live out of state—as well as godmother to two more darlings: a little girl and her big brother who live abroad. This year I chose to adopt another godson, a junior in college. Although I don’t get to see them as often as I wish, I know that one day I will have that ONE encounter with each that will bond our relationship, and I look forward to it.

At my age, many of my peers have children of their own, graduating from college: some, even grand-children. Although, I may never hear anyone call me mommy, mama, or grandma, I’m okay with that.

I’m grateful for the experiences God has given me to share with the children in my life, and look forward to the opportunity to add something, however small, to enrich their lives, spare them pain, provide encouragement and remind them how very special each of them are. What a blessing!

I am a titi.

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  1. Some of us have encounter supportive women like yourself. My aunt was/is performing like you are, with me, until this day. When i communicate with her, i call her Momma and not AUNT. She has acted as my mom since i was toddler!! Keep doing what you’re doing and being a blessing to those lives you have entered!

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