Brother/Sister Love: “He was my very first Valentine”

Mikayla, 30, honored her big brother Jukie (also known as Jovan), 36, with a special memory honoring his birthday, two years ago.

“Happy Birthday to my Jukie!! I remember that day you packed your backpack full of Capri Suns and Gushers and said you were running away and not to tell mom and dad (as if they wouldn’t notice). Even though being an only child would have been nice, 20 years later I’m glad you got to the end of the driveway and came back,” she wrote.

“He was my very first Valentine,” Mikayla said.

“Growing up he would always get me candy and balloons and I would wake up to them in my room, I’m sure it was at my parent’s direction at first but it continued into adulthood. I actually just received my box yesterday (which was his birthday).

“Valentine’s day has always been my favorite holiday because of him.”


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