Bree & Amber: Love Cast Out Fear

Love cast out all fear when Bree, 35, and Amber, 33, travelled to Cozumel, Mexico to explore the Mayan Ruins, last summer.

“I had NEVER been on a motorcycle, Vespa, scooter or anything like that and she wanted me to ride on one with her,” Bree said. “I was paralyzed with fear to get on it but she convinced me to trust her and we ended up riding around the entire island and seeing some amazing views. She kept checking on me to make sure I was comfortable even though I was whimpering and scared on the back of that thing! I had the best time and it definitely strengthened my love and trust.”

Amber added, “She changed her mind only once, suggesting a taxi, but soon became comfy enough to explore the island with me.

Travelling is the favorite thing to do for the two who began dating September 2015, and became engaged a year later.

Bree explained how Amber shows love to her. “She makes my lunch for me faithfully, preps my coffee, washes my car… lots of “acts of service.” I’m pretty lucky to have someone who is very demonstrative of her love.” She described the love the two share in one word: easy-going.

Amber gave her fiancé an iPad Pro for Christmas, putting Bree, the baker/owner at The Kitchen Empress, LLC, one step closer to her 12-month, 6-day goal of baking full-time.

“No more sketching cake designs the old fashioned way,” Amber said.

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